Real Estate Inventory Subcommittee Charge 2015

.REIS II Charge

December 2015

The Rindge Economic Development Task Force (EDTF) voted to form the Real Estate Inventory Subcommittee II (REIS II) at its June 8, 2015 meeting to catalog all privately owned properties situated in the town’s four commercially-zoned districts. Details along with permitted uses of each zoning district in addition to the current zoning map may be viewed on the Town of Rindge Planning Board website.

Once the research is completed and then approved by the Rindge Planning Board, it will be available to anyone, especially prospective business property owners for viewing on the town’s EDTF website.

REIS II was not created to act as an advocate to increase or reduce acreage of commercially zoned properties, but to simply inventory same for the convenience of the general public.

Future revisions will be implemented on an as needed basis by the Rindge Planning Office.

All information provided is solely to guide the public and should not be relied upon without an independent opinion.

Subcommittee Members

Roberta Oeser Jane Pitt Candice Starrett Bruce Donati

Business Light Industry District Properties 

Commercial District Properties

Gateway Central District Properties 

Gateway East District Properties