Rindge Tax Collector

Deputy Tax Collector Job Posting

Rindge Tax Collector

Posted Wed, Aug 26 at 03:06pm

The Town of Rindge is seeking a Deputy Tax Collector. This is a part time position, applicants must be a Rindge resident. This position covers the Tax Collector's office for illness, vacation, certification week, convention and various workshops. Responsible for general office work under the direction of the Tax Collector. Appointment to the office shall be sworn in by the Town Clerk. Hours and pay will be determined.

Please send in applications, resume and cover letter to:

Rindge Tax Collector

Carol Donovan

30 Payson Hill Rd

Rindge, NH 03461

Town of Rindge, NH

30 Payson Hill Rd | Rindge, NH 03461

(603) 899-5181